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              News from the North 2014 


            The 2014 season concluded and the tallies are in on one of the most prolific fishing campaigns in recent memory. Record numbers of monster Pike were landed and released at all of the outpost facilities. Veterans of these fisheries can’t recall experiencing a more impressive average size of Pike including length and girth. Perhaps the forage bait spawns exceeded even our expectations. Several newcomer parties were exposed to this northern marvel and came away with a lasting impression of what true world class fishing represents.

The Outposts:

Kirk Island got a long awaited facelift with a brand new client cabin featuring spacious accommodations, state of the art kitchen, screened in porches, indoor shower, waterless urinal, area fans and changing rooms. The new dock enhanced floatplane processing and boating convenience.


         The Kreps party registered dozens of 40+ in. Pike throughout the Broadback River system to go along with the usual hot spots of Stimpy Point and the Sister Islands. Even though they landed enough huge Pike to satisfy the most discriminating of anglers they reflected on several line snappers in the bays of the western shore. The Frank McDonough group was the first to experience the luxury of the new facility and lit up the Pike all along the Kirk Island and Long Point shorelines. Recently retired Jack Gornall brought his party to the new facility and landed their share of large Pike while taking advantage of the increased range provided by the powerful Yamaha motors. Newcomer Carl Adams and wife Jody boated an impressive 48 in. 30 + lb. Pike. 

Hi Jim, 
        "Jody and I just got back from our Kirk Island trip. We are very tired but want to let you know we had an excellent experience.  The whole organization from William, the pilots to Camille was first class. The facilities were outstanding and Camille went out of his way to make sure we had an outstanding time.  Even as first timers we caught plenty of fish with the largest being a monster 48" pike weighting over 30 lbs. casting a Cyclops lure into the weeds."  

Tim MacMillan and crew always make the most of their trip and put up great numbers of quality fish.

Hi Jim, "I wanted to state again how terrific the cabin was.  You really went "all the way".  I'm sure it will keep and expand your business.  We had a great morning the Friday before we left with each of us catching at least 1 Pike over 40 inches." God bless – Tim

The Gustkey group landed several “Mater Angler” Pike as they are featured on almost every page of this print. Thanks guys for the great photos. (See Angler's Forum)

Crow Bay:

            One man can make a difference. Seasoned veteran Davids took over the caretaking duties at this venerable outpost and made everyone’s stay enjoyable. His relentless work ethic, experience and steady personality make him unique.


The Pete Marks party opened things up with rough weather and high winds. Undaunted, they fished every opportunity that was presented and landed dozens of monster Pike from every nock and cranny on the lake. The Forthofer Group continued to set the standard for this region of the fishery by racking up huge numbers of 40+ in. Pike to go along with hundreds of Walleye from SW Bay to NE Bay and everywhere in-between.  Larry Keller and friends had their usual productive week with big Pike and plentiful Walleye in and around the islands of the outlet channel leading to the main lake. The Chiodo clan measured up nicely with consistent Pike production all along the bottom of Long Point and SW Bay.

Hi Jim,    
            "Just wanted to you give you a quick report from our trip to Crow Bay.  Fishing was fantastic as usual. We ended up with 26 pike over 40'' for the week.  The biggest was 47''.  Caught another 20+ pike between 35'' and 39''.  My dad had a highlight when bringing in a walleye and a 40'' pike decided it was hers instead.  She held onto the walleye long enough for us to net her. Walleyes were nonstop as well.  You could catch as many as you wanted.  They made a great shore lunch. Dominick was great. Always had everything ready for fishing each day and the camp in great condition.  He was full of good stories. Weather was good overall which helped us traveling the lake.  We had a couple days of dodging storms.  Nothing that shut the fishing down for more than half a day or so. We look forward to getting back up to the lake." Mike

    Cal Cushey and friends visited Lake Evans and came away impressed with the fishing and service.

Hi Dominic,
           “Just want to thank you so much for making our trip to Crow Bay so very special.  It was so nice of you to help us to and from the camp with all of our gear.  Having our fire started and camp nice and warm after a long day of fishing was a real treat.  You are truly a wonderful person and it has been our pleasure meeting you.  Here is our group photo of my boys and grandson with you, we brought home so many great memories, and your service and friendship was very much appreciated, something we will treasure forever.   Looking forward to seeing you again the same week in 2014.  Till then take care, and God Bless,”   Cal, Chris Jeremy and C.J. 

The Joe Laicha party got off to a slow start but by weeks end established a pattern that produced several of 40+ in. Pike and an abundance of Walleye. The Sam Fiorentino group dealt with weather throughout the trip but still managed to put up good numbers of trophy Pike near SW Bay and at the bottom off Long Point. Sammy always posts great numbers of Walleye regardless of the camp that he attends. Butch Lombardi and group landed well over a dozen 40+ in. Pike with Butch  leading the way. They concentrated their efforts on Long Point and NE Bay for the biggest numbers of large Pike. 

S West Bay:

            This brand new facility received even more upgrades with a waterless urinal, screen in porch, enclosed ceilings, dining chairs and a clean water filter system. 

  "This new facility is nothing like any of the other camps I've been to (Kamwak, Pukuch, Clarkie, Crow Bay, Kirk Ile, Southwest Bay, Weakwaten and Cami). The mold has been broken. I was @ this new cabin twice during my stay @ Kirk Ile a few weeks ago. Plenty of room for 8+ (2 bunk rooms that comfortably sleep 4 each). Throw in a kitchen that's bigger than the entire Kirk Ile or Crow Bay cabins w/ vaulted ceilings, a cooking island and running water...No corners cut here. Wait until you guys see this gem!" Terry Finafrock

       The Rod Swanson troop started things off with awesome numbers of big Pike around Stimpy Bay and Long Point. Kenny Bell topped the week with a monster 48 incher weighing in at nearly 30 lbs. on a spoon. Bob Juliani registered 9 Pike over 40 in. mostly on Johnson Silver Minnows. Rod landed the largest Walleye of the week with a 27 in. 7 lbs. trophy. Steve Weinkamer’s nephew netted a 41 in. Pike while waiting for the plane to land. Where do you go from there? Newcomers Jim Groff and crew boated a 43 & 46 in. Pike during some of the toughest weather of the season. Gary Carruthers and friends caught dozens of huge Pike for the week while finishing with 13 over 40+ in. out of one boat on the last day of the trip. Russ Miller brought his group north and covered every inch of the venue. They landed 43 Pike over 40 in. for the week with Gene Davidson managing a dozen personally.

 "I returned to Lake Evans in 2012 after a seventeen year absence. The group netted 43 Pike over 40", with my best Pike being one at 47", two at 46 1/2" and two at 45". Others in the group caught Pike which approached 50". I had the privilege of fishing with some "old hands" of Lake Evans, while staying at the new West Point facility which is a "classic bush camp" with hot showers, spacious cabin with ceiling fans, rugged Lund boats with efficient 20 hp. four cycle motors, and a camp caretaker who made their trip very enjoyable. The group enjoyed very good big Pike fishing within a mile or two of the new camp, but left the area periodically to revisit some of old fishing holes in remote areas. The crew can attest to the fact that the Catch & Release policy enforced by Jim Saari over the past 30 years has produced a very rich fishing industry on Lake Evans, productive with big Pike beyond any other we have fished. The party easily caught their limit of Walleye for dinner, when they took a break from the Pike. The guys also caught two or three Silver Pike which are very rare."  Gene Davidson 

Lake Dana, Long Point and NE Bay were the most productive spots for the week of fishing. Yours truly had the privilege of guiding 1st time Lake Evans visitors Phil Layman and friends at both the Kirk Island and West Point facilities. They finished with an even 50 Pike over 40 in. including a 30 lb. monster caught by Phil while trolling the open lake. Barney Spoons where by far the most productive lure.

Charlie English got into the act by netting 17 over 40 in. with 3 newcomers in camp. Charlie deploys a very sophisticated Barney Spoon casting pattern which compensates for water temperatures, sky conditions and wind direction around the "Pike Rings". His preferred destinations are the Bay of 2 Rivers "Hunters Cove and the mouth of Lake Dana where the rings are most prevalent. 

 Karl Warnke returned to Lake Evans after many years with his son and experienced great Pike production.  

Jim…. We had a wonderful time with very good pictures of fish. We caught 23 over 42 inches the largest one at 46.5 weighing in at 27.2 lbs. Our last day of fishing ended with our only simultaneous (exact same time) strike which landed us a 38’ and 41.5’’ pike.  

The George Heckler group finished things up at camp and managed 60 Pike over 40 in. with some unbelievable break-offs after sustained fights with behemoth Pike. 

The party covered most of the lake and found that the old reliable spots around Lake Dana and Long Point were the most productive for the big Pike. Conditions weren’t always perfect as we lost some time due to weather but for the most part it didn’t stop us from getting on the lake and fishing. We still managed 60 Pike over 40 inches as a group but have to say that I had something on my line that I could not get off of the bottom after a good long fight that would have easily been my personal record. If you told that Lake Evans had sturgeons I’d feel a lot better about losing that monster.  George Heckler

Kamwak & Clarkie:

          These outposts outdid themselves by producing a handful of 50+ in. Pike and literally hundreds of Walleye. Terry Finafrock opened Kamwak   with simply the best fishing trip ever. They tallied 30 Pike over 40 inches including a 50+ incher to go along with excellent Walleye and Laker angling. The Dave Tumbas party kept things rolling with similar results including a personal best 50+ inch trophy Pike.  

Having fished Lac Kamwak since it opened in 1997 I have seen it evolve over the years.  We have noticed the Pike are getting larger and more aggressive.  Pike are without a doubt the dominant fish in the lake now.  Walleye are still plentiful enough that a shore lunch can be a daily option.   Dave Tumbas 

Best fishing trip I have ever been on……. Bruce Strachan

The Pete Davis group compiled great numbers of impressive Pike and hundreds of Walleye at Clarkie during ice out while fishing the main lake and the Clear River. 

Equipment upgrades include new oars, Cabela's signature landing nets and enhanced battery power for the Humminbird fish finders.

Bushland Adventures is proud to announce Lake Evans to the outfitting inventory. Lake Evans (Lac Evans) is legendary for monster Pike and abundant yields of Walleye. Bushland Is dedicated to providing the same world class fishing trips that sport anglers have come to expect in the Quebec Bush.


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