World-Class Fishing with Bushland Adventures

This region represents one of the last pristine fishing resources on the continent. The strong catch and release policy that is in place will guarantee excellent fishing for generations to come. Few locations can offer a legitimate shot at Quebec’s version of the “Canadian Grand Slam” which includes Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Brook Char (Speckled Trout), and fewer still provide the opportunity to realize trophy potential for each species. Bushland Adventures has chosen select fisheries with this in mind. There is an immense amount of untouched water in this territory for the outdoor enthusiast who can’t get enough. The season commences June 1st and concludes the first week of September. There are unlimited opportunities for guests to exercise different angling approaches such as fly-fishing or the more conventional practices of bait-casting and spinning gear. Regardless of relative skill levels, clients can realize world‑class results.

Custom Made Rods

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